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AM Laser is a steel service centre situated in Stikland, Cape Town. At AM Laser we are committed to providing our customers with manufacturing solutions that meet their specific needs. We can offer you a broad range of services based around Laser profile cutting including  CNC bending, CNC machining and welding. Being in the steel fabrication industry ourselves, we understand that turnaround time is of utmost importance and will endeavour to provide you with your products in the shortest possible time.

Our Express operation allows you to order today and receive tomorrow for that time when you really need it. 

 Please call us to  discuss your needs.

You have the advantage of having  one professional partner that can assist you with various manufacturing services.

Saving you time and money and getting the job done.

We will work with you to find a suitable solution to your challenge.

Mild steel up to 16mm

Stainless steel up to 12mm

Aluminium up to 10mm

Other materials per request

Streamline manufacturing by receiving product ready to fit

10mm mild steel up to 2meter

8mm mild steel up to 3meter

6mm mild steel up to 3.3meter

Other steel types as requested

Programmable for mass production of same part

Highly consistent tolerance

This service includes fastening or joining methods (welding, drilling, tapping, notching, riveting)

Our highly qualified and experienced staff enjoys any challenge

Prototypes welcome

Various finishing-styles available viz. painting, powder coating galvanizing etc.

This process is perfect for complicated parts that vary in 3 dimensions.

Good for once-off prototypes and repair work.

CNC capability enables us to repeat identical products for efficient production of high volume parts

Perfect for parts that vary along an axis

High tolerances for various types of fits based on design

Experienced and Qualified individuals that produce a very high standard

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21 Brug Street
Busaf Park
South Africa

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33°54'27.0"S 18°39'06.17"E

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PO Box 1045